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I am a certified masseur for Classic Swedish massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Traditional Thai massage, and Emotional Release bodywork. I have been practicing massage since 2013 in Switzerland, in Thailand and since 2018 in Germany.

As labels wouldn’t give any relevant description of what I’m doing, I prefer to describe my work as my personal interpretation of the wonderful technics above, merged with my own knowledge, experience and intuition, gained over the past 10 years of my bodywork practice.

Early on in my life, I was seeking ways to communicate beyond words. The field of massage and bodywork opened the path for me to the fascinating world of expression through direct, physical contact.

Sense of touch, I realized, can communicate more than thousand words. That set me off on this path, exploring the connection between body and mind.

While living in Asia for eight years, the exposure to different cultures and way of thinking, helped me to develop my own understanding and intuition of bodywork. It became clear for me that there are many ways to be and to reach our individual self. 

We can trust in who we are.

I understood that the magic of massage arises when the technical touch is infused with individual aliveness, care and awareness. Massage turns then into art that lets me enter into a unique dialogue with each person.

Melanie, a Berlin based female massage therapist


I am a certified Massage therapist, a Midwife and a Yogateacher.

In 2013 I started learning and offering Wellnessmassges , followed by Ayurvedic massage and Lomi Lomi.

Having worked as a midwife for many years, massages seemed a natural and perfect addition to approach bodies from a very different perspective. Every body deserves to be thoroughly cared for.

In 2018 Nico and me developed our concept of couples massages which we offer since then with lots of joy in Berlin Mitte.

Find more information about my work at

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