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Back massage on oily table

Listen to your body, it knows


My purpose is to offer you an efficient way to let go of any tension and unwanted thoughts. Once body and mind are in harmony, your whole structure realigns to its natural position. The session carries you into a profound state of relaxation and inner silence. My work is influenced by a combination of classic Swedish massage, Hawaian Lomi Lomi massage and Traditional Thai massage techniques. The western approach will act on your physical body and tissues and the oriental one will rebalance your energy flow with the aim to release inner  blockages.


Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage invites you on a journey into deep relaxation, to realease physical & mental tensions and harmonize body and mind. The massage is accompanied by nourishing warm oils and unwinding music into a cozy prepared room, to make sure to relieve from daily stress.

Ylang Ylang essential oil can be added in extra to the massage.

Couple Massage

Couple massage session is a full body massage given by myself and Melanie to two of you (2 persons in any configuration) simultaneously in the same room. It offers you the opportunity to share a moment of deep relaxation and communion with a person you care, in the intimacy of a safe and cozy space. Juice and sweets will be offered.

Ylang Ylang essential oil can be added in extra to the massage.

The cozy massage room

Book your spot online or by Whatsapp/phone

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+49 15 22 595 28 28


"If someone seeks for unconditional loving kindness in massage - you will find it here with Nico. So powerful in it's awareness, in it's mindfulness, in it's unconditional touch, so powerful, releasing and opening physical end emotional blockades. Thank you for the safe and graceful space you created and this deep, precious and beautiful experience you gave me."


"A fantastic massage that combines soothing deep tissue Swedish touch through warm oil along with traditional Thai manipulation. Nico is very respectful, taking the time to get to know me and my needs ahead of time, and adjusting to my response during the massage... too light? too hard? I drifted away all the while enjoying every touch and feeling deep relaxation and bliss. I've never had anything quite like it and look forward already to the next one."


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