Dear friends

In these challenging times, more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and to achieve inner harmony. 

Being surrounded by special people who support each other has become almost like a luxury these days...

I would like to welcome you in this closest circle and invite you to take part in my developing campaign. Let's bring closeness back to our world!

Gift 1

50% for 3 of your friends

on their first session

Do you have friends, who would definitely benefit from deep body relaxation? Show them you care and give them your personal code. Three of them will get the first session half price.

Gift 2

earn 20%

from each booking

(coming soon)

You know a lot of people? Send them your personal referral link and get 20% from each booking until the end of June. You can post the link in your social channels as well! Use extra money as income or use it to book the session with me.

Gift 3

50% discount for

massage weekend workshop

(as soon as allowed)

More and more people ask me about my techniques. During the long lockdown, when I couldn't do my work, I focused on putting down my methods developed in the past few years. The result of it is the project of a weekend workshop.

Joining the campaign means you will receive three emails:

1st - With the 50% discount code for three of your best friends.


2nd - With the referral link which you can use to earn 20% commission from people booking at Massage Nico.


3rd - With the 50% discount code for Massage Nico training class. Use it yourself or make a gift!

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